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Monday, April 18, 2016

Dreaming of Antigone by Robin Bridges

Recommended for: YA Readers

Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Books for selecting me to read and review a digital ARC of this book.

“My heart knocks wildly up against my ribs, so hard I think it might burst out of my chest, and I know. My sister still blames me for her death.” 
--Dreaming of Antigone

Dreaming of Antigone is a story of struggle, loss, growth, and family. After the sudden death of her twin sister, Andria tries to understand all that has happened. Iris was the outgoing one with all the friends, Iris was the athletic one, Iris had the boyfriend, Iris had it all figured out. But did she really? 

Andria is haunted each night with nightmares of her sister and awakens feeling that her sister is trying to tell her something, that she blames Andria for her death. What appears to be a perfect little family on a quiet street in Athens, is anything but. 

The characters in this story are compelling and draw you into their life. Andria and Alex are characters with depth and emotion. Their separate and connected struggle over the aftermath of losing Iris is heartfelt and honest. They make you want to cheer for them as they grow and work through their loss. Robin Bridges weaves a story that begins with a death and ends with the answers that everyone is seeking. Why is Iris gone? 

I thoroughly enjoyed this story! And as a librarian I loved that both Andria and Alex find solace and support in the library and with their awesome librarian! Cheers to Robin Bridges for including the library in a positive role in this story.

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