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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Recommended for: Middle Grade, Young Adult, and all lovers of the fantastic and amazing

Thank you Netgalley, Flatiron Books, and Stephanie Garber for selecting me to review a digital ARC of this book.  Because this is an Advanced Reader Copy provided for review, quotes and cover images pulled from the ARC may be subject to change.

"Whatever you've heard about Caraval, it doesn't compare to the reality.  It's more than just a game or a performance.  It's the closest you'll find to magic in this world."  --Caraval by Stephanie Garber

First let me say, I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  Caraval has captivated my heart and soul. I am, however, struggling with my desire to express my love for this book, and telling everything about all the awesomeness within.  But at the same time I want to say absolutely nothing so as not to reveal any of the wonderful surprises, mystery, and delectable prose that awaits the reader when you open this wondrous tale.  So, how to do this without giving ANYTHING away...

This enchanting story begins with a series of childhood letters written by Scarlett, our young main character.  She and her sister have grown up with stories of the amazing and mysterious Caraval Players, and their once a year performance.  She is desperate to see them, but the only way you may attend, is by receiving a personal invitation.  Scarlett has been writing to Caraval Master Legend since she was a little girl hoping to gain an invitation for her sister and herself.  None of those letters was ever answered.

Just as she is about to get married and has given up hope, a mysterious letter arrives with a special invitation for Scarlett, her little sister Tella, and Scarlett's fiance.  Unfortunately, attending Caraval right now just isn't an option for Scarlett, her cruel father has arranged a marriage with a man she has never met, and Scarlett hopes this will be the chance she needs to get both her and Tella away from their father.  Tella, on the other hand, has every intention of finding a way for both of them to sneak away to Caraval, and she won't let anyone stop her.  

What I love about this book:  
The characters are incredibly well written, and Garber's description and enthralling writing help the reader to build an instant connection with the characters.  She exposes their emotions and feelings in such a beautiful and thoughtful way that helps the story and the character relationships flow seamlessly.  

Garber is very gifted in developing a plot that twists, turns and takes the reader on a deep and winding roller coaster.  From moments of pure excitement and awe to holding your breath and praying what you are reading is wrong Caraval is a ride you never want to stop.  Just when you think you have things all figured out, she throws in the greatest and most unexpected curve ball.  I couldn't put this book down.  I found myself wanting to spend more time on the elliptical at the gym so I could keep reading.

The conclusion of the book was simply perfect.  It wrapped up in a way that I felt incredibly satisfied. But, true to her form throughout the rest of the book, just when things seem to be going a certain way, Garber threw in one final twist that now has me ANXIOUSLY awaiting the second book.  Sending speedy writing vibes to Stephanie Garber while I not so patiently wait for book 2, and my invitation to explore the secrets of Caraval. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Frostbood by Elly Blake

Recommended for: Teen and Young Adult Readers

Thank you Netgalley, Little Brown Books for Young Readers, and Elly Blake for selecting me to review a digital ARC of this book.  Because this is an Advanced Reader Copy provided for review, quotes and cover images pulled from the ARC may be subject to change.

"There is always light in the darkness.  It may only be a pinpoint, but it is there.  Follow it and you will find your way free."                 --Frostblood by Elly Blake

I have taken a few months off from reviewing Advanced Reader Copies and just enjoyed a few books on my TBR list that has been ever growing.  I finally jumped back into reviewing with Frostblood, and I couldn't be happier I started with this one!  When I read the summary I was instantly reminded of The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, which I also enjoyed.  It has some basic similarities, but Elly Blake takes this story in a different direction. Frostbood was the perfect winter read to get me back into the reviewing mood.   

This fantasy story is set in a kingdom that is divided by blood.  The king is a powerful and vicious Frostblood who uses his power of frost and ice to rule the kingdom with fear and cruelty.  His goal is to eliminate all Firebloods from existence.  He and the previous kings have succeeded in eliminating the majority of the Firebloods and have sent troops to raid villages and torture people to find any that remain.

Seventeen year-old Ruby, lives in a small village with her mother.  She has spent her entire life trying to hide her gift.  Ruby is a Fireblood just like her grandmother.  Before she died, Ruby's grandmother was beginning to teach Ruby about their gift, its history, and how to control it.  Unfortunately she died before Ruby was able to learn much.  Because of the king and the troops searching for Firebloods, Ruby's mother has been forcing Ruby to hide her gift and not use it all.  

Frustrated at feeling controlled and not being able to learn about her powers, Ruby sneaks out to the forest to practice using her fire,  While in the forest, she spots troops headed toward her village.  She and her mother try to flee, but they are captured by the captain of the guard.  Ruby does her best to hide her fire, but the villagers turn on her and the captain kills her mother.  She is taken to a prison where she is tortured and starved to weaken her powers.

Ruby has lost hope until one night a mysterious man named Arcus and an older monk with Frostblood powers break her out of prison and take her to an Abbey in a remote area of the kingdom.  Here Ruby learns of her powers and what role she can play in helping stop the cruelty of the king.  Ruby wants revenge more than anything, and is willing to do whatever she has to, so that she can kill the king.  But, can she trust these mysterious Frostbloods?  Why would they help a Fireblood?  Why would they plot against their king?  How can she, a single young Fireblood, really kill the all powerful Frost King?

Without giving too much more away, the story continues with lots of crazy power wielding, fights, competitions, ancient evils, a bit of romance, and a lot of intense nail-biting moments.  I truly enjoyed this book and loved the two main characters who's personalities and emotions perfectly reflected their powers of fire and frost.  Ruby is a fierce and fiery character that was really fun to follow.  Arcus is mysterious dark and cold, but very intriguing as the layers get pulled back and revealed.  I like how Blake took time to develop her characters and their relationships and helped the reader to connect with them in a realistic and easy way.  The world building was well done and easy to jump into, her use of a story to help build some background was helpful and didn't feel like a huge information dump right at the beginning of the story.  It was built in throughout and didn't feel forced.  The conclusion was satisfying, but still left me wanting to read the next book in the series.

Overall, I really enjoyed this frosty read, and I am excited to continue on with the next book, Fireblood, later this year!  Thanks, Elly Blake, for a fun winter read!